Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is the “Level of Expectation”?? (Part 4 of 4) – Service Drive

In (Part 1) of this blog, we talked about the experience you receive when you go to a restaurant for lunch.

In (Part 2) of this blog, we talked about the “Level of Expectation” process in your Sales Department.

In (Part 3) of this blog, we talked about the “Level of Expectation” process in your F&I/Business Manager’s Department.

Now….lets talk about setting the “Level of Expectation” in your Dealership’s Service Drive.

The “Level of Expectation” allows you to guide your customer through a series of steps that are clearly outlined for their understanding and review.

Your customer will know exactly WHAT will happen, WHAT ORDER it will happen in, HOW LONG it will take and the information they will RECEIVE to make an intelligent purchasing decision in a TIMELY fashion!!

Today’s customers demand a process that is both professional and transparent!

Today’s customers also want the process to go as quickly as possible!

Service Drive processes vary from dealership to dealership throughout the country.

Let’s outline an example of a Service Drive process and how to set the “Level of Expectation for your customer and employees!


The customer enters your Service Drive/Lane.

Upon the initial greeting of the customer, your Service Advisor begins to explain what will transpire from this point going forward.

·        Collecting data on both the vehicle and the customer – 5-10 minutes
·        A thorough Multi-point inspection of the vehicle in the Service Drive/Lane – 5-10 minutes
·        A complete understanding and listening of what the customers vehicles Service concerns may be – 5-15 minutes
·        Service Advisor updating all customer records in the computer – 5-10 minutes
·        Service Advisor relaying to customer an approximate amount of time to service the vehicle – 5 minutes

This initial process can take anywhere from 25-50 minutes.

The Service Advisor then must set the “Level of Expectation” for when the service is completed on the customer’s vehicle.

·        A review of all services performed on vehicle and their appropriate charges (active delivery) – 5-10 minutes
·        A review on what items may need repair on the customers next service visit – 5-10 minutes
·        The setting of the customer’s next scheduled service appointment – 5 minutes
·        Customers payment for services – 5 minutes
·        The escorting of the customer to their vehicle and thanking them for their business – 5 minutes

This part of the process can take anywhere from 25-35 minutes to complete.

DON’T let your customer get frustrated and upset by “thinking” that the process is taking too long!

Remember, the customer has no idea of what the process is or how long it takes unless YOU tell them. And isn’t a calmer customer more easy to speak with than an upset and frustrated customer??

Will you have point of sale material around your Service Drive to aide your team in conveying your Dealerships Service Drive processes to the customer?

·        Banners
·        Table toppers
·        Posters
·        Video explanations on Service Advisors computers
·        Video explanations on your Dealership website

By providing a “Level of Expectation” in your Service Drive, it will do two things.

·        It will give the customer a clear and professional expectation of what will transpire on their visit and how long it will take.

·        Your Service Advisor will clearly, professionally and consistently give the same exact presentation and process to all of the customers.

By setting the “Level of Expectation”, your Dealership will quickly become proficient, consistent and professional!

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