Friday, November 11, 2011

My "Body of Work" with links and pictures

I want to thank you all for your never ending support and friendship!

I produce as much “material” as I can to help everyone in their quest to be the very best that they can be!

Leadership and Personal Development are my passions!

I have MANY different places on the internet to view my different videos, blogs, articles and Magazine articles.

Here is a listing of "links" with pictures of the sites to include in my "Body of Work"

Please feel free to share these links and pages with everyone!!

On my website you will find over 40 videos that are all about 3 minutes in length. The videos touch on subjects such as Leadership, Accountability, Employee AND Customer Retention…etc…..

On my Wordpress blogsite, I have over 60 articles that all pertain to the automotive industry. Most of these blogs are derived from some of the many different training and motivational meeting that I continuously give.

Many of my articles are featured on the website DealerElite.
In September, I was recognized for my efforts with a special reward.

Here is the link:


This is my LinkedIn profile which contains many recommendations. 

I have over 1400 connections and link to nearly 11 million people!


This is my personal YouTube channel which contains all of my videos.


My Blogspot site contains my various blogs on Automotive processes and training.


I am a contributing author to the new social media dealership magazine, "The Social Dealership". Here are the links to the magazine: 

August 2011 issue:

September 2011 issue:

October 2011 issue:

November 2011 issue:


Here is the link to “Auto Success” Magazine, September 2011 Issue.


Automotive Digital 


Once again, thank you very much for your support!!!!


  1. Hi Jim,

    Looks great!

  2. Jim, the site looks great. Congratulations my friend, your passion, creativity, and enthusiasm is an inspiration to us all.